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Professionalism is important because it shows that a person cares about his or her job and the organization they are associated with.

Five important keys to being a true professional :

» Character
» Attitude
» Excellence
» Competency
» Conduct

Training employees is an essential activity for all organizations. Training provides employees with the key knowledge and skills that they need to perform their job.

Benefits of Training

• As the business world is continuously changing, organizations will need to provide their employees with training throughout their careers. If they choose not to provide continuous training they will find it difficult to stay ahead of the competition.

• The other benefit of training is that it will keep your employees motivated. New skills and knowledge can help to reduce boredom. It also demonstrates to the employee that they are valuable enough for the employer to invest in them and their development.

• Training can be used to create positive attitudes through clarifying the behaviours and attitudes that are expected from the employee.

• Training can be cost effective, as it is cheaper to train existing employees compared to recruiting new employee with the skills you need.

• Training can save the organization money if the training helps the employee to become more efficient.

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